The joint remains the main staple icon of cannabis, more than pipes, edibles, concentrates or any other means of consumption. Most favorably in the Washington DC cannabis delivery scene, it is the only method that says to the The DMV Cannabis scene “Marijuana!”

A J, joint, preroll is a cheap, discreet, disposable and extremely easy to share among friends in the District Columbia. It doe not require financial investment or a tool such as a bong, pipe nor does it need the time of baking of an edible.  However, if you’re a new smoker, it can be pretty tough learning the art of how to twist a J up.

Enter the Pre-Roll.

Ever sine the Metropolitan Police Department in DC has decriminalized the possession of weed cannabis, demand grew for ready-made smokeables. Pretty evident with Exotic Blooms Cannabis Delivery Service in Washington DC and all other DC Cannabis delivery services, pre-rolls are almost everywhere, service as go-to essentials gift and common suggestions to cannabis newbies.

How Pre-Rolls Are Made In Washington DC DMV

As our bud tenders at Exotic Blooms shift nugs from our suppliers to our shelves, bits of flower or what is commonly referred to as “Shake” is the fall off. The shake gets collected for use in pre-rolls, which is rolled in Exotic Blooms’ dispensaries across the District of Colombia. The shake is carefully selected depending on strain and potency and then grinned down. Then lastly, the mix is loaded into pre-rolled paper cones. With a twist of the tip, the pre-roll’s ready to go.

Where to Find Good Pre-Rolls and Blunts

Any DC tourist or native can refer to popular sites such as or to find an array of cannabis preroll selection. A lot of DC cannabis consumers prefer joints from buds because its the perfect vehicle for the flavor of the flower to come through. Also, someone new to joints aren’t so confident in their hand rolling skills they usually just prefer buying the ones that are already made and get straight to the burn. Some avid smokers prefer the whole process just like any other rituals and don’t like to compromise quality.

The Bottom Line

Marijuana pre-rolls in Washington DC are the go-to for cannabis beginners because its plug and play and they’re also a bargain. More experienced Washington DC consumers also love pre-rolls because of the ease of getting high, especially how fast they can get from Exotic Blooms Cannabis Pre-roll Delivery in Washington D.

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