Background: Recreational DC Cannabis

Unlike other legal states such as Colorado, Washington and California, the Washington DC cannabis scene is a bit of an unusual one. Recreational and medical cannabis is legal for personal use, also known as Initiative 71 which took into full effect in February 2014. What is Initiative 71? To put it simply, it makes it legal for adults 21 and over in age to possess up to 2 ounces of cannabis, grow up to 6 plants in their own private residence and to transfer up to one ounce to another adult. However, the purchase or sale of cannabis is illegal.

With that being said, there is a no regulation for cannabis market which has led to a gray market which is commonly referred to as a “gifting economy” which means anyone in Washington DC will pay a business for non-cannabis products/service such as a sticker or advice and the company will provide a “free gift” of cannabis. Since the legalization of marijuana in 2015, the private market of cannabis gifts has bloomed with the absence of a licensed and regulated business.

How I71 Works

In Washington DC, thanks to Initiative 71, adults 21+ are allowed to:

  • Grow up to 6 marijuana plants, only 3 of which may be mature (“flowering”) at a time
  • Possess up to two ounces in public
  • share up to one ounce with another adult 21+
  • But you can’t sell it
  • And you can’t smoke it in public, either; if you’re caught it’s a $25 fine.
  • (You can actually go down to the station and get your weed back if you’re caught smoking in public with less than two ounces. Strange days, indeed.)
  • Avoid Federal Property. Cannabis is still federally illegal and around 22% of DC is federal property, like National Parks & government buildings (map) but also federally-subsidized housing . If you’re caught with cannabis on the National Mall or other memorial locations, for example, you may face federal marijuana charges. You don’t want that.

So the way many marijuana delivery services get around the restriction on sales is to sell something else, like tee-shirts, hats, juices, digital art, lunchboxes, all kinds of stuff, then give you marijuana as a free thank you gift. You do not have to be a resident and you don’t need a medical card!

How to find weed in Washington DC

Although adult consumption of cannabis is legal in Washington DC, there are still some obstacles that you need to know before attempting to get some if you are just visiting/tourist in the nation’s capital. Traditionally, you would just walk into a dispensary that has a reputation for providing quality product at reasonable prices. However, here in DC it might be pretty challenging finding a reputable service that will do just exactly that – quality without price gouging. Luckily, our good friends at 420dc have been the pioneers since the legalization has unfolded and provided a lists of how you can obtain and which are the top reputable places for each of the methods.

Option 1: Order in

In Washington DC, requesting a cannabis delivery is probably you sure bet way of obtaining the gift of wellness. Just like everything else in the past few years, marijuana can be at your front door within 60 minutes. Whether you’re looking to liven up your Friday night or looking for that mid-day creativity with a stringent deadline – cannabis delivery is en route directly to you. List below of the most reputable delivery services in DC:

  1. Exotic Blooms is one of the best delivery services with only the best product and deals. To top it all off, they are very known for their speedy times and awesome drivers.
  2. District Connect has one of the largest cannabis gift selections and known to be one of the fastest delivery service.
  3. Purple Penthouse women owned and powered by women drivers as well. These ladies are killing every since they emerged into the delivery scene and you will not be disappoint with their top notch customer service.
  4. Street Lawyers pioneers in the cannabis gifting scene and now also offering delivery in addition to their store front gifting services.

Option 2: Go to a DC Weed Event!

Popup events are very common in the cannabis Washington DC scene and pretty much work the same way. Vendors will sell non-cannabis services/products and then provide a cannabis “Free Gift” along side other products. These are usually curated events which typically requires invites or some kind of insider information to be invited. The best way is to message the hosts on social media. Luckily, our friends at 420DC got all the insider scoop of which services are best! Please see link below:

  1. 420 Events Page

Option 3: DC Head, Vape and Smoke Shops

Washington DC also has Head/Vape Shops that also provide cannabis gifting. Be sure to call ahead to ask what the gifting policy is so that you aren’t wasting your time but we have provided you a list of two shops that offer cannabis gifts and you can get more information by clicking on their sites.

  1. New Leaf is one of the best smoke shops in DC that is located on H St. They have so many strains available along with other smoking gifts such as papers/bongs
  2. Lifted DC: Conveniently located on Georgia Avenue @ Listen Vision Studios. They have a large menu of premium flower & edibles.



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