Brand Alignment

Rooted in the fundamentals of brand building, community and aligning ourselves with the elite in the Washington DC cannabis scene, Exotic Blooms is providing a highly sought after and differentiated portfolio of gifts that are aligned to distinct audiences, needs and occasions. This approach allows us to best deliver a wide array of consumer segments’ expectations, meeting the consumer needs of today, while also building partnerships with brands that are as passionate as we are when it comes to Washington DC’s gifting economy.

Toker’s Guide

That is why we would like to introduce Toker’s Guide, DC cannabis scene’s trusted connoisseur, who have been in the game for a long time and they know how to select the best. Along with having aficionado level of cannabis consumption, they are also stewards and leaders in community, cultivation, lab testing, extraction and education. Exotic Blooms hopes to help shape the future of DC’s I-71 scene with brands such as Toker’s Guide and many of the other major key players like Tree Near Me, 420DC.COM and Gentleman Toker.

With that being said, here is a quick excerpt from Toker’s Guide thorough analyst of our new strain – Pearl Jam:

This is intensely powerful. It leans sativa and, upon exhale, you can feel the head rush burst forth as energy careens to fill your body. Almost disorienting at first, you may soon find yourself wanting to rock out, maybe put on some tunes and start shaking a leg. It's such an energetic and positive, buzzy type of high, absolutely perfect for daytime use - and not angsty either. Hell, maybe this is the perfect VIP-level concert going weed ideal for a, well, Pearl Jam concert? I have to say I'm beginning to see the reason for the name.

Be sure to read their full assessment of the strain here.

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